The Awkward Silences in Conversations


My phone rang on vibrate, which was weird, considering it was 11:30 am.  My parents know not to call me on my cell phone at work.


The phone kept buzzing in my drawer.  So I opened the drawer, and took a glance at the number.


Who the heck do I know in Nevada?!

It stopped ringing, and I took a quick look at the number on 411.

Santa Fe Workshops? EH?

I did sign up for some workshops the night before…but not in Santa Fe.

Two hours later, at lunch I called them back.

“Santa Fe Workshops, Anne speaking.”

“Good Afternoon, I’m Addy, I am calling because someone from Santa Fe Workshops called me earlier.”

I entered the bathroom, trying to avoid all the coworkers talking in the lunchroom.  It wasn’t any quieter thanks to the fan. SWOOSH BRZZ BRZZZZ.

“Addy, right?”, Anne said.


“Ok. Hold on.”

I rolled my eyes at the fan, and I went back out to the lunchroom.

“You know, it ain’t  like that,” said one of my coworkers in the lunchroom, “you gotta-”

“Addy?  You signed up for our affliate’s workshops on October 15-18th, correct?”

“Yes” I responded trying hard to focus on the lady’s voice.

“But chu gotta put it in de fridge, or it ain’t not gonna work like that.” The conversation in the lunchroom continued.

“One person, single room?” said Anne.


“Ok. hmm,” she replied, and I figured she must be looking at the screen.

Two people started to talk at the same time in the lunchroom. I got up and went back into the restroom.

“What kind of *SWOOOSH BRZZ BRZZ* do you have?”

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

She repeated the question, and asked a few more.

“Do you have any food allergies or *mumble mumble*?” asked Anne. SWOOSH BRZZ BRZZ. The conversation on the other side of the door intensified.

Holy crap, is there no place where a girl can go and make a damn call? Is it so dang hard to ask for quiet????

“Uhmm. No,” I replied.


“But I am hard of hearing,” I blurted out.


Did I REALLY just say that?! What the heck??  Oh s***.

“It’s not like I really need anything or anything, you know. Uhm,” I started rambling, ” I can do function just fine.  But I just thought you should know, in case of anything, or something.”  AWKWARD SILENCE.

“No, yeah. I’m still gonna put it down, ok?” said Anne.


The wonderful, friendly chit-chat that I had going on with Anne seemed to have disappeared. SWOOSH. BRZZ. BRZZ.

Stupid fan.

We finished up the conversation, and I re-entered the lunchroom, and sat down at my table.

Did I just ruin my chances for a normal workshop?  Or will the instructors start to feel sorry for me? How will they treat me? Oh hell…why couldn’t I just keep my mouth shut?


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