Tatto-ify, me?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tattoo….You?.”

I do not have any tattoos, and I am not a huge fan of ‘arm sleeves,’ and many tattoos in one spot. Perhaps it is because the tattoos that I have seen, they were numerous and so close together, their colors mixing together, that it was confusing and distracting.   I wasn’t sure what to focus on when I saw the tattoos.  But I do have to agree that some tattoos may look nice.

If I were to put something on my body, it would be something meaningful or that I really liked, because I will be looking at it for the majority of my life, and something simple and in one color.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen a few pictures of tattoos that I have liked, and would find significant. If I got a tattoo, I would choose one of the following:

Dates:  I saw a picture of a girl who had the dates she beat cancer tattooed onto her back.  That is something that would be significant to me–tattooing the date that I went into remission from cancer as a reminder that I’ve overcome some of the tougher things in life.

Mermaid:  This one I saw one of my acquaintances get.  It was a gorgeous, colorful mermaid on her side.  This mermaid is probably the only one that I would consider getting in color. I would choose the mermaid because I have loved The Little Mermaid since I was in the cancer center, and I feel like I have a connection with the water, the ocean.  I can get into the water and never get bored of swimming around in it.

Phoenix: My best friend has a phoenix with music tattoo on her shoulder.  It is simple, elegant and beautiful.  Not sure if I would get it on my shoulder, but I would choose the phoenix because it is a mythical creature that rises from the ashes and keeps rising from the ashes.  It symbolizes reincarnation, and to me, it also is a symbol of being knocked down but coming back up, stronger than ever.  I’d like to have a phoenix to remind me of all the issues I’ve been through, and that it has made me the stronger person that I am today.

This last one may be a bit “WTF?” and I would only do it if I had someone in my family who had this tattoo.

Auschwitz numbers:  I’ve read about this tattoo in an article; some younger generations were tattooing their grandparents’ numbers from the concentration camps in order to keep the memory of the camp alive.  I think it’s a tattoo that would lead to some history lessons for those who asked about it.  I have a fascination with World War II, and this would have been my nod to history.


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