If I had three wishes…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Lucky Star.”

I don’t really care about the things that I can go out and buy in some store around where I live.  I’d rather have experiences over things.

There’s also one thing that I wouldn’t  wish for: to make me a “normal”, “hearing”  person. That may have been my wish in third or fourth grade, but now, I see my hearing impairment as a quality of life and as something that is part of me.  Without it, I would not have worked as hard as I did to get to where I am today.  I probably wouldn’t have the experiences and the memories that I now do. So I am grateful for it all.

I would, however, wish for the following:

-To spend some more time with my grandmother.  I loved my grandmother.  She had been the one that was there most of my childhood, walking me to and from school, taking me to visit her family, cooking, laughing and protecting. She made some of my outfits, and mended a lot of my torn clothes. And everyone says that she was there for me the most, not my cousins or anyone else. I would wish to spend more time with her, especially if she had been in her better days, before she lost her mind to dementia or Alzheimer’s (we never found out if that is the case), and she could take long walks. I would like to ask her so many questions, so many things about her stories of the war and communism, to clarify some things.

-To be a writer and photographer.  I love those two things, and I’d like to write more about topics that matter, and topics that interest me, but that could also be of use to others. Besides, I like to work alone, and have the flexibility of working during times that work best for me.  While I do have the first at my current job, I don’t have the second one.  And in some cases, it would be useful, especially when my parents get sick or to take care of kids (if I ever have any).

-To live in another country. I cannot stand my suburban town, and sometimes I wonder why the heck I even bothered coming back. At times, I believe that it was a mistake to do so.  But I did, and there’s nothing I can change about it, nor do I regret it. If I did have a choice to live anywhere else, I’d choose Europe. Pick a city to be my base, explore that city and then travel all around the continent when time allows.


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