It’s past one am in the morning, and I feel kind of defeated.

I spent the last hour or so debating with someone on Facebook about the word “American.”  They posted some article about University guide to political correctness. The comments below the post latched onto the word “American.”

Quite frankly, I don’t really care much for political correctness. I feel like a lot of people hide their true feelings and the truth behind being politically correct. I am all for being kind and polite, but being honest.

What really bugs me is that “American” is used to talk about people from the “United States of America.” Granted, United States of America is the only one that has “America” in its name, but there are two American continents. And all of these people living on these continents are American.

I sometimes wonder if the founders meant “United States of American continent,” when they chose the name. At that time, the rest of the Americas was either under the control of the French, the British, the Spanish, the Portuguese,  the Russians (Alaska), or it wasn’t colonized. So when the colonies gained their freedom and later made the Constitution in 1787, the US would have truly been the only United States in America (as in BOTH continents).  That’s just from a historic standpoint. Linguistically, it also makes sense.

But I digress. Going over the debate right now, I noticed all these stupid mistakes that I’ve made. Mistakes that made it easier for my opponent (a good acquaintance) to make her points, which she also managed to make stronger. Her arguments were pretty good, and I soon found myself scrambling for answers, and for arguments against her.

Neither of us truly changed our opinions. She is a true US patriot, and will defend all things American.  I, on the other hand, am more about the global aspect of things–roles of countries in the global arena.  And I think that this kind of stuff has no place in that arena. There are more important things to sort out.

Either way, the whole debate about this thing has brought up my self-doubts. Of not being good enough, or not being liked. Years of being one of two HOH kids at my public schools has done that to me through all the bullying.


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